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Workshop and Production Equipment

1.Steel Structure Factory Building

2. Intelligent Wire Cutting Machine
It is able to cut wires accurately and efficiently without error, which helps to manufacture neat components and parts.

3.Intelligent Milling Machine
With high precision and easy maintenance, it realizes full-automatic milling, and is easy to operate.

4. Intelligent Planer
It is proud of high efficiency and good flatness.

5.Intelligent Machining Center
It can process accessories automatically and precisely.

6.Full-Automatic Flame Cutting Machine
Equipped with a touch panel, it may cut materials neatly and accurately.

7.Cutting Machine
On the basis of the technology from the Czech Republic, it is capable of continuous working all day long, and features rapid cutting speed, high efficiency and great precision.

8. Component Machining Center
The unmanned machine works efficiently and accurately. The operator only needs to set some parameters.

9.High-Strength Sawing Machine
It supports the change of sawing direction, and performs well in high efficiency, fast speed and good accuracy.

Testing Equipment

1.Equipment for Testing Error of Mould

2. Equipment for Testing Carbonation Degree
The carbonized steel comes with higher flexibility. The equipment can ensure suitable carbonation degree of raw steel, so as to manufacture standard moulds and other stressed parts.

3.Pressure Testing Equipment
It is used to test the cured concrete blocks. Through testing compressive capacity, operators can adjust or change the ratio of raw materials, so as to achieve desired ratio and guarantee qualified anti-pressure ability of concrete blocks.

Testing Equipment

Due to the 15000m2 storage space, our company can store dozens of containers holding small-size or large-scale block making machines. With good supply ability, we support picking up or delivering hot-selling goods at any time.