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    1. QT4-15A Fully-Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      The finished blocks comes with excellent quality, high strength, great compressive strength, good compactness, exact dimension, desirable anti-permeability and freezing resistance. The production line may be comprised of different devices to satisfy your demands.

    1. QT4-15B Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Equipped with a vibrating case driven by the hydraulic motor, this brick machinery comes with stronger vibration force and higher vibration frequency, which increases the force bearing point of blocks and enhances product quality.

    1. QT6-15A Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      The concrete block production line makes use of the vibrating case driven by a hydraulic motor, which effectively increases vibration frequency. The motor adopts the on time start-stop system, so as to improve its utilization efficiency and reduce the consumption of dynamic potential energy.

    1. QT6-15B Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      With the help of the special hydraulic system and auxiliary system, it is able to produce pavers, sidewalk bricks and baking-free bricks in different colors. These finished bricks are proud of good compactness and high strength.

    1. QT8-15 Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Different from traditional feeding methods, our forced feeding system employs rows of mixing forks, so as to produce qualified concrete perforated bricks whose thin inwalls are only 13-16mm thick.

    1. QT10-15 Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Its hydraulic vibration system employs an electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control the hydraulic motor, which realizes feeding through low-frequency vibration and molding through high-frequency vibration.

    1. SY-3000 Curb Stone Making Machine

      On the basis of the double-station design, the machine is able to rapidly manufacture high-compactness curbstones. The two stations work independently, which boosts production efficiency.

    1. Pan Mixer

      The JQ series pan mixer is designed on the basis of some related advanced technologies. Its reduction gearbox makes use of durable gears that have undergone high-frequency quenching and rigorous tests.

    1. Portable Concrete Mixer

      The portable concrete mixer avoids possible problems like low uniformity and dead angle caused by different proportion of raw materials. Due to the 360° rotation mode, it is able to effectively disperse these materials.

    1. J-Series Drum MixerThis gravity type concrete mixer is able to mix plastic concrete and semi-rigid concrete. Moved by a gear ring, the drum comes with reliable drive, slight noise and low energy consumption. The mechanical mixing equipment performs well in compact structure, smooth running, easy operation, good mixing performance, etc.
    1. Stationary Mixer

      The stationary mixer can be applied in conjunction with a PLD series concrete batching plant, so as to constitute a simple concrete mixing plant and double concrete mixing plant. It is able to mix hard concrete, plastic concrete

    1. SY-800 Vertical Concrete Pipe Making Machine

      Since the machine employs hard concrete as raw materials, the pipes support demoulding immediately after forming. Usually 2 pipe moulds may satisfy your production needs. Its noise level is within the relevant standard range.

    1. SY-2000 Horizontal Concrete Pipe Making Machine

      The roller pressure and centrifugal force generated by the rotary roll shaft and steel mould is used to mould raw materials into pipes. To reach related standards, these pipes will undergo steam treatment or natural curing.

    1. PLD1200 Three-Hopper Concrete Batching Plant

      It is commonly seen in small and medium-sized prefabrication factories. Its top panel allows being lowered or removed as required, which helps to decrease the labor intensity of loading materials. With 1200L hopper capacity

    1. PLD800 Two-Hopper Concrete Batching Plant

      The PLD800 two-hopper concrete batching plant is equipped with a loader or belt conveyor for material loading. It can be used in conjunction with the cement silo, mixer, cement scale or other devices, so as to constitute a full-automatic or semi-automatic mixing plant.