1. QT4-15A Fully-Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      The finished blocks comes with excellent quality, high strength, great compressive strength, good compactness, exact dimension, desirable anti-permeability and freezing resistance. The production line may be comprised of different devices to satisfy your demands.

    1. QT4-15B Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Equipped with a vibrating case driven by the hydraulic motor, this brick machinery comes with stronger vibration force and higher vibration frequency, which increases the force bearing point of blocks and enhances product quality.

    1. QT6-15A Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      The concrete block production line makes use of the vibrating case driven by a hydraulic motor, which effectively increases vibration frequency. The motor adopts the on time start-stop system, so as to improve its utilization efficiency and reduce the consumption of dynamic potential energy.

    1. QT6-15B Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      With the help of the special hydraulic system and auxiliary system, it is able to produce pavers, sidewalk bricks and baking-free bricks in different colors. These finished bricks are proud of good compactness and high strength.

    1. SY-3000 Curb Stone Making Machine

      On the basis of the double-station design, the machine is able to rapidly manufacture high-compactness curbstones. The two stations work independently, which boosts production efficiency.

Fully-Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Our fully-automatic concrete block production line mainly consists of the batching system, mixing system, forming system and stacking system.

1. Batching System
1) Equipped with a high-performance weighing sensor, the batching plant comes with microprocessor control, digital display, wired remote control operation and high weighing accuracy.
2) It can be applied in conjunction with diverse mixers, so as to constitute combined type concrete mixing plants in different forms or specifications. The equipment comes with reasonable structure, high rigidity and simple appearance.
3) It is able to weigh 3 kinds of aggregate in a short time. The head of belt conveyor is fitted with a cover to prevent leakage, and the tail has a screw tensioning gear for adjusting the tensity of belt conveniently. There are vibrators on the side walls of sand silo and scale hopper, so as to weigh and unload materials rapidly.

2. Mixing System
1) The concrete mixer belongs to a kind of double horizontal shaft forced mixer. With proper structure, it is proud of high strength, good quality, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. It is suitable for hard concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete, light-weight aggregate concrete and mortar. As an efficient machine, it enjoys wide application.
2) This stationary mixer may be used along with different PLD series batching plants to form a simple concrete mixing plant and double concrete mixing plant. It is commonly seen in various construction projects and prefabrication factories.
3) The mixer can also work independently, or serve as the main machine of a mixing plant.

3. Forming System
Several pallets are stored within the pallet depository of fully-automatic concrete block making machine. The molding flask falls on the pallet, materials are transported to the small hopper by a closed belt, the pressure head is raised, and then the hopper moves above the molding flask. A key may be pressed for linked protection. According to different material and desired blocks, the operator can set diverse parameters in the computer, including forced feeding time, vibration feeding time, time of supplementing material after vibration feeding, whether to add pigment, etc. If you want to manufacture face bricks, please press 3-5mm or gently vibrate the raw materials, and then add pigment. In addition, the multipurpose block machine supports arbitrarily modifying operation steps and human-machine interaction.

4. Stacking System
The lowerator declines 20cm and puts blocks on the second pallet in the pallet separating machine. The blocks may be sent to the block pushing machine, pushed to the stacker crane, and transported to the site by a forklift. The used pallet will be cleaned by a pallet cleaner and sent back to the pallet depository by a pallet return device. The system allows individual control and integrated control, which realizes fully-automatic operation.

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