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Curb Stone Making Machine

With hydraulic power, the SY-3000 curb stone making machine makes use of the fully automatic operation interface, and realizes consecutive operation without interference.On the basis of the double-station design, the machine is able to rapidly manufacture high-compactness curbstones. The two stations work independently, which boosts production efficiency.

1. The curb stone making machine can be used to produce curbstone, paver, slope protection brick and other bricks whose dimension is smaller than 800x400x200mm.
2. The curbstones may be formed at a time.
3. Its hydraulic demoulding device facilitates demoulding procedure. The finished blocks will be automatically sent to the hydraulic conveyer and transported by employees through the dolly.

Nominal pressure 3000KN
Cylinder bore 340
Motor power 18KW
Weight 4500KG
Productive capacity 800X400X200mm (with two working position)
Overall size 850x850x2100mm

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