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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

The QT10-15 fully automatic concrete block production line enjoys the output of 42240 pieces every 8 hours and the molding cycle of 15 seconds. Controlled by the PLC, it has several functions, including computer operation, random signal analysis, failure diagnosis and material parameter setting. Therefore, it is easy to operate.

Its hydraulic vibration system employs an electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control the hydraulic motor, which realizes feeding through low-frequency vibration and molding through high-frequency vibration. In addition, a unique pallet supporting device is placed 1-1.5mm lower than the vibration table. When the concrete block production line works, the table will descend and supported by the device, so as to reduce the pressure on the vibrating case and increase vibrating force. In this way, the finished blocks may come with high compactness and accurate height whose error is controlled within 1mm. Its material feeding system is fitted with rows of mixing forks. The feeding box can move front and back quickly to fill in the molding flask efficiently.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 19200 PCS /8hour
400x150x200mm: 26800 PCS/8hour
400x100x200mm: 42240 PCS/8hour
Power 50.88 kw
Overall size 7500X2500X3020 mm
Cycle 15 s
Pallet size 1220x900x25mm
Vibration force 100KN
Vibration frequency 4000-4800/Minute
Nominal pressure 30Mpa
Total weight 15000kg
Power source 380v/50HZ

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