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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

The QT8-15 fully automatic concrete block production line enjoys the output of 26360 PCS every 8 hours and the molding cycle of 15 seconds. It is widely used in manufacturing curbstone, slope protection brick, plaza stone, sidewalk brick, wall brick, face brick, thermal-protective coating of roof, grass planting brick and so forth.

1. Storage Hopper and Feed Hopper
A traditional block forming machine is usually equipped with one hopper to store and feed concrete mixture. Since the hopper is near the vibration source, it is easily influenced by the vibration, which leads to early solidification of partial concrete, increased charging time and serious error of block strength. Our QT8-15 concrete block production line employs a storage hopper and a feed hopper. With the volume of 700l, the storage one is kept away from the vibration source and has implemented vibration isolation measures. The materials within the storage hopper will be conveyed to the small-volume feed hopper by a closed belt in a fixed quantity. The upper limit of the feed hopper can be controlled through a quantification switch.

2. Forced Feeding Device
Different from traditional feeding methods, our forced feeding system employs rows of mixing forks, so as to produce qualified concrete perforated bricks whose thin inwalls are only 13-16mm thick. When the feeding box is sent above the molding flask, forks will stir to forcibly feed materials.

3. Outstanding Vibration System
The main vibration system of the concrete block production line supports frequency conversion and amplitude modulation. It adopts the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies. The pressure head is fitted with a dedicated vertical orientation vibrator that allows for compound vibration.

Since the demoulding oil cylinder is locked on the vibrating table by a molding flask, the table and the flask will vibrate together, which is conducive to compressing mixture firmly in a short period.

There are some pallets within the pallet depository of the brick making machine. A molding flask falls on the pallet, a closed belt conveys materials to the small hopper, and then the pressure head rises. When everything is ready, the operator should press the key to move the hopper until above the molding flask. On the basis of different finished bricks and raw materials, several parameters can be set, such as the forced feeding time, vibration feeding time, time of supplementing material after vibration feeding, whether to add pigment and so on. Operation steps are allowed to be modified arbitrarily, so as to serve several purposes.

4. Intelligent Control
The mixtures vary in accordance with the humidity of raw materials and the variation of aggregate. Hence, on the premise of quality assurance, the operator can set the best moulding parameters and qualified moulding parameters for a kind of block. If the upper limit is exceeded, the concrete block production line will automatically reduce feeding, and if it is below the lower limit the machine will intelligently increase feeding. In addition, the production line is provide with several functions, such as dynamically displaying operation step in real time, fault diagnosis, showing the location of input or output failure and so on.

5. Large Effective Area
With the help of a new vibration technology, the effective vibration molding area reaches 0.8m2(900*850). Therefore, the concrete block production line is able to manufacture 18 concrete perforated bricks in a molding flask. The dimension of the perforated brick is 240*115*90mm.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 15300 PCS /8hour
400x150x200mm: 23000 PCS/8hour
400x100x200mm: 26360 PCS/8hour
Power 36.65 kw
Overall size 4900X2000X2580 mm
Cycle 15s
Pallet size 900x850x30mm
Vibration force 88KN
Vibration frequency 4000-4800/Minute
Nominal pressure 25Mpa
Total weight 12000kg
Power source 380v/50HZ
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