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Fully-Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

The QT4-15A fully-automatic concrete block production line can be fitted with different moulds to produce concrete blocks with various specifications, such as hollow block, multi-hole brick, solid brick, paver, Dutch brick, curbstone, concrete element and other blocks used in buildings, roads , parks, airport, wharfs and so forth.

With 15s molding cycle, the concrete block production line is able to manufacture 15360 pieces every 8 hours. Therefore, it is ideal for mass production. The finished blocks comes with excellent quality, high strength, great compressive strength, good compactness,exact dimension, desirable anti-permeability and freezing resistance. The production line may be comprised of different devices to satisfy your demands.

1. Its automatic block making machine adopts PLC and supports computer operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and material parameter setting.
2. The concrete block production line is equipped with a storage hopper and a feed hopper. Feeding in a fixed quantity can effectively prevent a part of concrete solidifying in advance and reduce charging time. Its automatic stacker helps to save considerable labor force and production area.
3. The unique feeding device is capable of quickly and uniformly pour materials into the molding flask, so as to minimize the weight error of finished blocks.
4. The super steel rack and imported electro-hydraulic components contribute to the stability of production line.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 6100 PCS /8hour
400x150x200mm: 9600 PCS/8hour
400x100x200mm: 15360 PCS/8hour
Power 29.4 kw
Overall size 3700X1500X2600mm
Cycle 15s
Pallet size 900x550x30mm
Vibration force 50KN
Vibration frequency 4000-4800/Minute
Nominal pressure 16Mpa
Total weight 6500kg
Power source 380v/50HZ

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