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    1. QTJ4-40 Block Making Machine

      The wooden pallet is placed at the bottom of the machine and may vibrate synchronously with the mold core in the moulding process. Therefore, the pallet will not suffer from impact force, and enjoys longer service life.

    1. QTJ4-26A Block Making Machine

      Equipped with the automatic conveying system, the machine may automatically convey the blocks to the pallet truck. Its molding cycle is 26 seconds, and its output is 6720 PCS every 8 hours.

    1. QTJ4-26C Block Making Machine

      Materials can be repeatedly spread out within the mold flask, which ensures uniform feeding without dead angle, saves raw materials, and increases the compactness and neatness of blocks.

    1. QFT5-20 Block Making Machine

      With high efficiency and low energy consumption, this multifunctional machine is appropriate for producing building blocks, hollow blocks, perforated brick and other blocks. Its output is as high as 9600 PCS every 8 hours

    1. QTJ4-25 Block Making Machine

      The PLC system makes use of the high-quality domestic electronic components. It can give clear instructions, automatically detect errors, and intelligently disconnect the equipment if there is a malfunction, which helps to prolong service life.

Static Block Making Machine

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