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Block Making Machine

The block making machine is designed on the basis of market requirements. As a mechanical drive block machine, it innovatively adopts PLC and realizes fully-automatic operation, including pallet conveying, material feeding, block output and so on, which greatly reduces labor intensity. With the molding cycle of 25 seconds, it is capable of producing 7720 blocks every 8 hours.

1. Since the block making machine increases pressure from up and down sides, and vibrates intensively, it is perfect for manufacturing high-strength blocks that support instant stacking for 3-5 layers after molding.
2. The PLC system makes use of the high-quality domestic electronic components. It can give clear instructions, automatically detect errors, and intelligently disconnect the equipment if there is a malfunction, which helps to prolong service life.
3. Its multifunctional material feeding system is equipped with mixing forks, so as to forcibly stir solidified raw materials for the second time. The continuous and reciprocating feeding mode brings about uniform and all-sided feeding, and ensures high compactness and good neatness of blocks.
4. On the basis of the spot welding technology, the super steel frame of this cement block maker achieves seamless welding and looks smooth.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 4840 PCS /8h
400x150x200mm: 5800 PCS/8h
400x100x200mm: 7720 PCS/8h
Power 21 kw
Overall size 3000X1950X2400mm
Cycle 25 s
Pallet size 850x470x30mm
Vibration force 450KN
Vibration frequency 4000-4800/Minute
Nominal pressure 14Mpa
Total weight 5000kg
Power source 380v/50HZ
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