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Block Making Machine

The QTJ4-26A block making machine adopts the semi-automatic loading and unloading system, so as to decrease labor force. It comes with mechanical drive, strong vibration effect and low power of 10.35W, which enables the molding flask to be filled with raw materials. In addition, since the upper mold vibrates for pressurization, produced blocks are proud of uniform density, high strength and great performance. Equipped with the automatic conveying system, the machine may automatically convey the blocks to the pallet truck. Its molding cycle is 26 seconds, and its output is 6720 PCS every 8 hours.

1. The motor is designed in the lower part of the block making machine, so as to improve chassis stability and leave out laying foundation.
2. Its motor drives the lower part of the vibrating case powerfully, and the upper part makes use of a traditional vibrator with good durability.
3. The mould is propelled in place by the motor, which realizes occupying the position seamlessly and leaving the position smoothly. In this way, mould abrasion is reduced and its working life is prolonged.
4. Appropriate raw materials for blocks include clay, coal ash, sandy clay, red soil, gangue, shale, sludge, sand, stone, construction waste, slag, etc.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 3840 PCS /8h
400x150x200mm: 4800 PCS/8h
400x100x200mm: 6720 PCS/8h
Power 10.35kw
Overall size 2050X1740X2650mm
Cycle 26 s
Pallet size 850x470x30mm
Vibration force 40KN
Vibration frequency 4000-4800/Minute
Nominal pressure 12Mpa
Total weight 2500kg
Power source 380v/50HZ

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