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QMR2-45 Mobile Block Making Machine

The QMR2-45 mobile block making machine adopts molding flask vibration design, which facilitates operation. This newly developed equipment is able to manufacture 1440 PCS every 8 hours without pallets. In this way, your investment in pallets is cut.

1. The dimension of our mobile block making machine is 800X600X12000MM. It performs well in small size, light weight and easy movement.
2. Since the single-phase product uses 1.5kw power, the production cost can be effectively reduced. It only requires 1-2 operators.
3. The movable concrete block machine is capable of directly manufacturing on the level ground. In case your production place is limited, you may transfer the machine to another place for production.
4. With the help of the single guide pillar, the mould can be vibrated and pushed easily, which contributes to rapid forming.
5. This portable brick forming machine makes use of the pivot to mould raw materials into blocks and then demould with ease.

Productive capacity 400x200x200mm: 960 PCS /8h
400x150x200mm: 1100 PCS/8h
400x100x200mm: 1440 PCS/8h
Power 1.5 kw
Overall size 800X600X12000MM
Cycle 45 s
Pallet size No pallet
Vibration force 20KN
Vibration frequency 3000/Minute
Nominal pressure 8 Mpa
Total weight 200kg
Power source 220v/60HZ
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